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Mini Beads Pins
Mini Beads Pins
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Mini Beads Pins

★★★★★ ★★★★★

Create these adorable pins in Mini Beads! Choose from a camper, emoji, cactus, and ice cream cone.

Step: 1

BEAD COLORS NEEDED (All are found in the bead trays on the Supply List):

  • Red - 2
  • Orange - 4
  • Cheddar - 34
  • Yellow - 58
  • Kiwi Lime - 20
  • Dark Green - 35
  • Toothpaste - 4
  • Pastel Lavender - 8
  • Sand - 6
  • Tan - 24
  • Brown - 20
  • Black - 34
  • White - 80


  • Mini Beads pegboard with ironing paper
  • Mini Beads Tweezers
  • Iron
  • Pin backs
  • Quick-drying adhesive
See the Supply List for beads and tools you can purchase here.

Step: 2

Download the PDF for the Mini Beads Pins Project Pattern. Slide the actual-size pattern underneath your clear pegboard and place your beads as shown.

Step: 3

FUSING THE DESIGN: An adult should do this step.
Place your pegboard on a flat, heat-safe surface. Set a household iron to the medium setting. Place ironing paper over the pegboard. In a circular motion, begin to iron the project. Do not press down with the iron. When ironed properly, the beads will still have open centers. NOTE: Beads need heat for about 10 seconds per side to fuse evenly; it is possible some colors may need a little more time. Let the design cool.

Remove the paper and bead design from the pegboard. Flip the design over to expose the non-fused side. Repeat the fusing. Let cool completely. When the design is cool, peel off the ironing paper. Your pegboard and ironing paper are reusable.

Step: 4

Glue a pin back to the back of each design. Wear them on your shirt, jacket, purse, even your hat!

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